The changing of the guard

There is a time
when, high upon the evening sky,
the sun will set
and bring about a moonly rise,
when light retreats and bids goodnight;
the changing of the guard.

Just as the sun by day brings life,
woken by the morning’s refreshing blue light,
the moonshine ensnares the senses at night
and makes them its own.

Under cover of darkness,
but still within sight,
the moongod looms down from a monstrous height.
it tears off my armour,
rips out what’s inside;
my emotion.

Nowhere to run
and nowhere to hide.
The night is but young;
I’m tortured by time.
The dam has been breached,
I’ll drown in the tide!
But love gives me hope…

Nocturnal feelings, be my guide!
With love’s strong wings I’ll surely fly.
My heart will lie with she who cries
at the changing of the guard.

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