V:	The moment’s upon us.
M:	The heavy sigh,
	the lazy eyes.
V:	Your head rests gently
	on my shoulder;
M:	so gently.
V:	I reach for your hand
	with my own
M:	and it’s clasping now,
	like mine.
V:	Trailing fingers,
M:	brushing palms;
V:	exploring.
M:	And not a word is spoken.
	Our hands say more
V:	and yet more still,
M:	ignorant of the truth,
V:	of the danger...
M:	every knock on the door,
	every ring on the phone;
V:	silence.
M:	Hiding from the visitor.
V:	Hiding from truth.
M:	We lay hidden
	beneath our breathing;
V:	our hands, indifferent.

M:	The heavy sigh,
V:	the telling eyes,
	they see it all;
M:	desire,
V:	guilt,
M:	love.
V:	One will preside.
M:	Was this inevitable?
V:	Perhaps.
M:	Avoidable?
V:	Perhaps.
M:	Then why you?
	Why me?
V:	Right now,
	I neither know nor care.
M:	But done?
V:	Most wonderfully.
M:	Most passionately.
V:	Most fondly.
M:	The kiss was
V:	perfect.
M:	And the next and the next...
V:	the moment’s upon us
M:	and it’s now or never.
V:	We enter a deeper danger,
M:	the silence is broken
V:	and our hands still speak
	beneath our breathing.

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