Departed loves

The havoc’s passed,
and just as well.
Departed loves;
they pushed, I fell.

Too many strings,
too many lies,
too many frets
and sleepless nights…

and yet this bliss is all too so.
No occupation,
I’ve thoughts alone.

I live, at least,
without obsession,
dream of love
and not perfection.
I’m wiser than before I fell;
departed loves,
they’ve served me well…

and yet this bliss is all too so.
I sleep at night,
but still alone.
No heavy thoughts,
but still I groan.
No need to call,
but still I phone.

I live, for once,
without direction.
Dreams are sweet
but lack perfection.
The scars I bare,
they’ve tales to tell;
departed loves.
They pushed, I fell.

But now to live without regret,
learn how to love
and try forget
those worried thoughts,
those troubled woes,
that caused this bliss to wither so.

No sleeplessness shall plague my nights
now tangled strings have been untied.

I live, at last,
with free desire,
and dream the dreams that take me higher.
I’ve made it through.
I’ve conquered hell.
Departed loves,
they served me well.

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