Not by label nor by declaration

V	What are we now?
C	Too soon, too soon.
	These hands, these lips,
	they’ve barely met.
V	As have our bodies;
	bare on bare,
C	our tangled hair,
V	our tongues and teeth
	that nibbled as we writhed
C	Hush now! Don’t speak so loud,
	don’t talk so proud
	or boast of me.
V	Then what can I say?
	How do I refer to you and I
	if not by label or declaration?
C	We’ll find another way
	to say
	those words...
V	No common phrase or poet’s line
	could ever serve as replacement.
C	We know those words should not be said,
	at least, not yet.
V	But our vocabulary
	somewhat short
	of where we’ve come to be.
C	Don’t think so loud
	or walk so proud.
V	Then answer me,
	what are we now?

C	Words-
V	fail you.
	Now only kisses come from your lips
	where once you dared to utter-
C	but never that!
V	True, but close.
C	It cannot be.
V	Too soon?
C	Too soon.
	These lips, those words,
	they’ve barely met.
V	But bare on bare
	they’ve tasted more.
C	So what are we now?
V	We’re everything,
C	but not by label
V	nor by declaration.
C	We’ll go about our every day,
V	we’ll act as if it all were true
C	and we’ll find a safer way
	to say
	I love you.

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