If only they were noble

I’ve seen men waste away in the absence of purpose,
caught adrift on the tides of uncertainty,
breaking over the rocks
and casting their indecisiveness
high against the sun,

and I’ve seen the rainbows through their tears,
watched them fall from nowhere skies,
frustrated in their unpaved search
for anything of importance.

I’ve seen them hold to passing clouds,
hugging and struggling to pot their pain,
falling after every drop

in devoted desperation,
in valour and in vain,
in hope there’s love in vertigo,
‘cause there sure ain’t none in rain.

And I’ve seen them dive back through the crest,
plummet beyond their sunken loves,
to deposit another.

Clawing towards the brighter promise;
adrift again, and in dire need
of nobler occupation.

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