Some may call me smug

An altogether different type of alpha-male,
free from the abuses that install false confidences,
he sits and ponders and scouts his prey,
ready to close his soft and selfless jaws
around the pulsing artery that dances in their necks,
lapping up their crimson hearts with a tongue that’s built for banter,
leaving the plump and undeserving chest of a bolder kind
heaving with wasted air,
swallowing their prejudices through an unhinged jaw.

Watch now as he takes his leave,
takes the girl, and takes your pride.
Altogether different, and still what’s more,
that dazzling beauty, she will be loved,
bring him tea when he’s grey and old,
adore and be adored.

Stir two spoons of sugar in youth,
and death with taste quite bitter.


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