Turning leaves

It would seem that adding this blog link to my CV (as a showcase for my self-proclaimed writing ability) could have benefited from a certain lesser degree of haste, since this is only my third post! Be that as it may is, I feel I’ve got plenty enough material to try and chop, stir n simmer a story, reducing the wordy soup into a delectable gloopy sauce…..and yet all that metaphor achieved was to make me hungry.


Rumbles aside, let’s get down to business. Aptly put, given the fact I HAVE A JOB. An actual, real-life, paid-monthly, company-laptop, going-on-business, meeting-clients, kinda job! All thanks to these guys:

Seriously good stuff, and I can’t thank them enough for helping me find that oh-so-elusive job in the crappiest job market I’ve ever had the misfortune to experience.

Thing is, I’m confident enough IF it get to the interview stage, but even getting that far seemed like an act of God himself, at times.

Having left my Grandma & Poppa’s, I spent a couple of weeks in the Netherlands before my job started on the 12th Sept 2011, passing the time with good food, great friends, and the time to reflect on it all…which actually didn’t work at all, and it’s only now, sitting in bed on a Friday night, having completed five mind-boggling days at work, that it’s properly starting to sink in…

I’m in Oxford. No no…I live Oxford. Work here too. Those two things alone are enough to make me wanna retrace these steps and work out exactly where it started going right. Certainly after my Allen Associates meeting – good links to them through my Godfather, James. Gotta hand it to my Dad, he went to uni with the right guy! It’s about who you know, people.

The company I work for is called Zinc Ahead (oh the pun), and they work in the pharmaceuticals industry, providing an electronic approval software designed to vastly improve the efficiency and productivity of a company. My job? It’s got a title..but I’m unsure as to its specifics just yet. I’m the Project Coordinator, and from what I can tell, I’m going to be responsible for the scheduling for and liaising between our development, customer service, and account executive teams, essentially working hard to be both practical and diplomatic. Bring on business politics.


Week 1 under my belt, and I find myself with a weekend to half-relax in. The other half to be spent moving in to my new place, only 7mins cycle from work! Result. And speaking of cycling…

MY GODFATHER BOUGHT ME A KICKASS BIKE AND THEN LET ME CUSTOMISE IT!! – i.e. adding bits on like a stand, lights, custom grips, mudguards, etc.

I will most certainly be uploading a pic of that baby to facebook n twitter the moment it’s back from the shop with all the goodies attached! It sorta looks like this one..but I’ll have to show ya another time!


Pretty sexy eh? I’m mega excited to start bombing around Oxford on this bad-boy!

There’s so much more to be said, and have probably exhausted myself by typing out vast emails explaining my current situation to certain peeps, and as such, I can spare no more recounting, this evening. Fear not, I will return.

Oh, and by the way, shameless plug:


Yup. You know you wanna ;)

Hopefully I’ll write a proper one of these tomorrow…question is, which story to tell?!
How’s about we go down the pub, n’ I’ll burn your ear instead? :D

Adios, faithful reader(s?)


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