Tip of the iceberg

Before we get into anything, I did promise that I was going to upload pics of my rather FANTASTIC bike :D I’ve been cycling it absolutely everywhere; any excuse to have a quick nip out on those sweet wheels. It’s a silent God, zipping around, nippy and forged in the smelting pot of Awesome. Behold, the Diamondback!

They say a picture paints a thousand words. As for this pic? Let’s just say the words woulda come straight outta an erotic novel.

My baby aside (don’t worry, gorgeous, I’ll be back!), I wanna tell you a bit about the other awesome stuff that’s goin on right now :)

Sitting here on a Friday night, typing up another blog post…pretty sad? Hell no! Thursday’s the new Friday. Just ask this rather expertly drawn Mexican:


Yup. Prouda that one haha

My boss/work-buddy, Jill, invited me over to indulge in MEXICAN NIGHT, and we had an absolute blast. Myself, Jill, Helen, Woodstock(?), Isoo, Candace n her hubby, and two other lovely peeps, whose names have escaped me, spent the evening polishing off lots of red wine grape juice, nomming on nachos and taaasty burritos, and doing our best not to fall about for laughing :D I had a rather interesting cycle home..my brain obviously associates merry cycling with Holland, and as such I cycled the whole way home on the right-handside of the road (5miles)…yup.

As for the job, couldn’t be better :) I’m having such a blast with it all! Perhaps it’s a potent concoction of relief that I’ve a job, and the novelty of it all, but honestly? I’m having a great time! My role doesn’t even really exist at the moment, which puts me in the incredibly awesome position of defining it for myself :D I’m picking up lil things here n there, suggesting stuff to management, getting proper stuck in to the inner-workings of this rapidly expanding company, and I’m loving every second of it :)
Might be sad, but I got a real buzz today: I needed to consult a few colleagues on a new project I’m undertaking, which I’m having to formally propose this coming Wednesday in a meeting, so I thought “Hey…I’ll have my own meeting”, sent out the email in outlook, date and time attached…and sat back with joy in my eyes as the “Attending” reply slips came through :D

I told you it was sad :P but it felt so good.

Outside of work, I’ve been trying to find something to do most every evening. I’ve been cycling to people’s houses, having mexican as aforementioned, and checkin out the local sports and martial arts clubs. I found a few of the latter, but the first was too flamboyant, and the other too expensive, so I’m still stuck on the martial arts front. As for sport, I’m hoping to join the local(ish) racket club; get me some badders or squash action! I miss them dearly. I had my love for it reignited by the intense table-tennis matches at my Godfather’s last weekend (he kicked my arse, but it was such good fun!)

Not sure if it’s been mentioned on this blog yet, but I feel it should be alluded to. Along with my poetry anthology (plug plug plug http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2390208 ), I am also trying to get into a more serious mindset when it comes to my more ambitious literary creations. That is, I have written the opening chapters to 2 or 3 stories (not sure whether they’re gonna be short-stories or Novels…we’ll see), but got no further than that! It’s not writer’s block…it’s just..wanting to find a massive stretch of available time to get completely absorbed in it. The sooner I realise that I’ve gotta just try and do bits as-and-when, the better. Every time I talk to someone about the plots, I get super excited, but that’s then followed by the rubbish feeling that I’m just a bit of a pretender. As I heard in a decent rap on the radio the other day (did those words actually just get typed?!): everybody’s a writer, yet I’m the only one writing.

It’ll come. One step at a time, Adam. The job’s off to a good start, I’m bein proactive about finding a new sporting activity, and once tha’s sorted, along with buildin an Oxford friend-base, then I can start findin time to engage in the arts.

For now, I’ll just update my small following on here; like the creative side of my brain’s version of going for a jog every now and then. Keep it ticking over.

I’m off to ponder, drink tea, and have a lil read of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell :)

Adios peeps :)


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