Keep them guessing

May I say right away that I’m not confident in how much sense this post will make, cos I’ve not eaten a thing since yesterday lunchtime…take it from me, tha’s pretty uncharacteristic!!

There’s no real reason for it as far as I can see…I had a bit of badminton rage yesterday, which could account for yesterday’s grump-induced-starvation, but I’d have expected to be ravenous today…but alas! Not so. Played tennis for over an hour n everything. Get the snacks in..tomorrow my desk is gonna closely resemble a Henry VIII spread.

Today, for no apparent reason, I had a day off. Somewhere in the not-so-distant past, past-Adam decided he’s take 18th January off, with no particular agenda…or at least, I hope not, cos I totally missed it. I convinced myself there were lots of things that needed doing, but came up empty by about noon.

Restrung my guitars…played on the playstation…cycled to a mate’s house…played tennis. And tha’s all she wrote. Considering I normally manage to fit all that into a day where I’m at work for most of it as well, might account for the lack of need for sustenance.

In some sorta self-protest to my lack of doing, I’ve set my alarm 15minutes earlier for tomorrow…somehow in my head that resets the balance of having a pretty nothing-day. I had a theory for a while, regarding routines…..

Routine’s good, it keeps things ticking over, it’s efficient, and can be analysed to be made to be more so, and yet..something bugs me about it. I’m pretty overly-open to change anyway, but I’ve constructed some baseless theory that has too often diverted me from every day routine. It goes something like this:

  1. Lots of people have routines.
  2. There are lots of things that I experience in my day-to-day life as a result of what other people do.
  3. I like to experience new and different things.
  4. Therefore, I should break my routine, in order to deviate from coinciding with other people’s, thereby experiencing new day-to-day situations and ecounters.

[ima have to write this quick now…my battery’s dyin!!]

Does that make sense to you though?

Think of it as paths crossing. If A always passes spot X around 13:30 every weekday, and so does B, for whatever reason, then they’ll go days and days and days seein the same people at the same time in the same place. Yeh OK so there’s nothing wrong with a bit of familiarity. But I’m opportunity hunting. Who knows who you might meet, what you may see or find, what stroke of coincidental glory (or of course, demise), but I care not for the negatives! I’m in it for the thrill of opportunity, whatever shape or form it may come in. If I find a favourite restaurant or pub, I may well continue to visit it, don’t get me wrong…but sometimes, I just – quite literally – go where the wind blows me, or do something on gut instinct (even if that is completely illogical and irrational…it’s fun!).

Besides, it makes it harder for assassins to judge my behaviour.

Battery’s dying.

Adios amigos.


2 thoughts on “Keep them guessing

  1. I feel like a combination of routine and spontaneity is the way forward. As in, if you don’t plan at all you’ll find yourself bored with no goals. but you should factor time to do interesting and new things into your plans.

    Apparently having routine, and more importantly goals, is the way to be happy: (really interesting lecture on positive psychology).

  2. I’ll check out that vid later!

    Like the idea of having a routine, but one that allows for new and interesting things. But the issue with routine is time. And if you’re always looking for that ‘new and interesting’ thing in that rigid time slot, you’ve less chance of stumbling upon something new each time……right? Maybe not. Like I said, this is not a very well-thought-out argument, just a pondering.

    All the same, I’ll have a look at that lecture and see if I can change my goal-less ways.

    Doesn’t help either that I’ve yet to find a routine that suits me, which is probably more to the point, so “breaking routine” is just my way of finding out what I’d rather be doing in that time. Sorta trial and error.

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