Put your mind to it

Sometimes when I look at the recent achievements of my mate Lorenzo, I just marvel at how it’s all coming together for him. He works so damn hard, and everyone he works with comments on his professionalism and skill in what he does.

He recently shot this video for singer/songwriter Molly (see, www.officialmolly.com), take a look!

“DOP Lorenzo Levrini was a firm perfectionist and wooed me with the promise of lens Flares throughout the day…lens flares *swoon*.”

– Molly, on mollysd.tumblr.com

When you see a finished article as well-crafted and polished as this, the mind boggles as to how they managed to bring it all together. I start thinking to myself stuff like “How the heck did he know what shots to take? The lighting? The TYPE of camera? The setting? The clothes n makeup and how that would appear on film? The props, the symbolisms, the pace, the representation of a story through the presentation of LIGHT.”

It baffles me how much he knows. And I can barely fathom how he’s got to where he is….except, it’s kind of obvious when you meet him. Drive. Pure, unadulterated passion for Photography:


I remember sitting down with him in Soho about a year ago, and he laid out his plan to me. Apparently, most of those who aspire to one day be Directors of Photography tend to try and work their way up by doing lesser jobs on bigger projects (making the DoP his morning coffee..holding lamps..organising cue cards). Instantly, I knew this was not going to be Zo’s plan. Just look at him, the jammy bugger.


“It’s better to shit a masterpiece than polish a turd.” – Lorenzo Levrini (right)

No sir, this Roman was not going to adhere to that “usual” way of doing things. Instead, he told me, he was going to be DoP from the outset. Working hard on as many projects, no matter how big or small, and make his name like that. His logic was simple: if he dedicated his time to being DoP, he’d always, and only, be improving the vital skills needed to make it in that role. Rather than wasting time working his way up through the ranks, he was going to dive head-first into the deep end, and damn well learn to swim.

When you’ve got that clear direction, that passion for something, and that desire to achieve, all those hundreds of factors in need of consideration don’t seem as intimidating after all. To me, I see it as a near-impossible task to get into the highly-contested world of media. But by jove, he’s making his way, and is an inspiration to us all, showing that all you need to succeed is the will and effort to do so.


Check out Lorenzo Levrini on IMDB


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