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Tip of the iceberg

Before we get into anything, I did promise that I was going to upload pics of my rather FANTASTIC bike :D I’ve been cycling it absolutely everywhere; any excuse to have a quick nip out on those sweet wheels. It’s a silent God, zipping around, nippy and forged in the smelting pot of Awesome. Behold, the Diamondback!

They say a picture paints a thousand words. As for this pic? Let’s just say the words woulda come straight outta an erotic novel. Continue reading…

Turning leaves

It would seem that adding this blog link to my CV (as a showcase for my self-proclaimed writing ability) could have benefited from a certain lesser degree of haste, since this is only my third post! Be that as it may is, I feel I’ve got plenty enough material to try and chop, stir n simmer a story, reducing the wordy soup into a delectable gloopy sauce…..and yet all that metaphor achieved was to make me hungry.


Rumbles aside, let’s get down to business. Aptly put, given the fact I HAVE A JOB. An actual, real-life, paid-monthly, company-laptop, going-on-business, meeting-clients, kinda job! All thanks to these guys:

Seriously good stuff, and I can’t thank them enough for helping me find that oh-so-elusive job in the crappiest job market I’ve ever had the misfortune to experience. Continue reading here!


The job search continuing, today I slaved over my endlessly face-lifted CV to create yet another visage of my every skill and quality. To what end? Tired eyes and wild hair, due to this commonly struck pose:

But considering the latest revamp includes a link to this blog, as a way to showcase my writing, I think I better get on the case and write a few more posts! Continue reading…

Next steps

To start, I would like to acknowledge the fact that to call this the ‘Next steps’ when all the steps and starting places previous to this are unknown to you, is rather obscure. But please, bear with me, as I will now condense my trials and tribulations into, what I hope to be, a rather succinct post…but I have my doubts as to its briefness.

The more challenging twists and turns of life didn’t wrap their coils around me til I’d left university, supposedly waiting in the wings, plotting in parseltongue (gotta love the Harry Potter reference). I’d breezed through being relocated to the Netherlands, cruised through having to look after myself at university, but when the prospect of having to work-to-live reared each of its daunting Cerberusial heads (patent pending), I could but flee my every responsibility; that is to say, I went travelling. Continue reading…