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il dolce far niente

I learnt the phrase from “Eat, Pray, Love”. It’s the wonderful art of doing nothing at all, literally “sweet doing nothing”, or as my mate Tom is fond of saying, “sweet f.a.”, and it’s something I’ve never been very good at.

But on occasion, I truly have a day with nothing to do…and am rarely OK with that. I feel like it’s a waste of time – of which we seem to have very little. And of those rare occasions, there are rarer still: where I manage to actually enjoy the sweet art of doing nothing.

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Put your mind to it

Sometimes when I look at the recent achievements of my mate Lorenzo, I just marvel at how it’s all coming together for him. He works so damn hard, and everyone he works with comments on his professionalism and skill in what he does.

He recently shot this video for singer/songwriter Molly (see,, take a look!

“DOP Lorenzo Levrini was a firm perfectionist and wooed me with the promise of lens Flares throughout the day…lens flares *swoon*.”

– Molly, on

When you see a finished article as well-crafted and polished as this, the mind boggles as to how they managed to bring it all together. I start thinking to myself stuff like “How the heck did he know what shots to take? The lighting? The TYPE of camera? The setting? The clothes n makeup and how that would appear on film? The props, the symbolisms, the pace, the representation of a story through the presentation of LIGHT.” Continue reading…