Category: Prose

A jealous witch

A fairytale.

There was once a beautiful witch who had fallen in love with a man as equally beautiful, and in turn he too had fallen for her. But she was a jealous witch, and could not help but notice all the attention her beloved drew when out on the town. The girls would smile, chatter and giggle amongst themselves; eyes darting, daring. She tried to ignore it. Ignoring even the red desires that danced in the pulse of his neck, smirking across his face. Until one day she could take no more.

“I’m sorry, my love,” she said, crafting the tendrils of a thick green spell in great swirling motions above her head,

“I hope you see, why you can only have eyes for me.”

And struck upon him an envious curse that prevented him from touching anybody other than her. But it wasn’t enough. (more…)