Laden truth

Is love a lie to which we must confess?
A promise held till out of sight?
These rings, these words and love affairs,
but taint the truth and riddle reason.

Can faithfulness be held so dear
when none but plan to try adhere?
The laden truth, if so enticed,
is every heart will have a price.


Departed loves

The havoc’s passed,
and just as well.
Departed loves;
they pushed, I fell.

Too many strings,
too many lies,
too many frets
and sleepless nights…

and yet this bliss is all too so.
No occupation,
I’ve thoughts alone.

I live, at least,
without obsession,
dream of love
and not perfection.
I’m wiser than before I fell;
departed loves,
they’ve served me well…

and yet this bliss is all too so.
I sleep at night,
but still alone.
No heavy thoughts,
but still I groan.
No need to call,
but still I phone.

I live, for once,
without direction.
Dreams are sweet
but lack perfection.
The scars I bare,
they’ve tales to tell;
departed loves.
They pushed, I fell.

But now to live without regret,
learn how to love
and try forget
those worried thoughts,
those troubled woes,
that caused this bliss to wither so.

No sleeplessness shall plague my nights
now tangled strings have been untied.

I live, at last,
with free desire,
and dream the dreams that take me higher.
I’ve made it through.
I’ve conquered hell.
Departed loves,
they served me well.

Pledge for tenderness

Sweeping strokes of subtle splendour,
touch this page with love so tender.

Day by day
and night by night,
I miss her, miss her, miss her light.
Tonight she too puts pen to paper;
sweeping strokes of subtle splendour.

and yet fully clothed,
I miss what I have come to know.
She held my hand
and held it firmer.
Touched my heart with love so tender.

Let her dream the pure perfection,
dreams of love and sweet affection.
Sweeping strokes of subtle splendour,
weave these words with love so tender.

Arm’s length

Your outstretched arm pulls me to you
when I have gone astray.
It’s there you hold me, at arm’s length;
it’s easier that way.

Your hushed reply, your cheeky smile,
soft whispers in my ear.
You’re armed with fun flirtation to
keep me not close but near.

You’re not alone in games of love,
for two believe I’m theirs.
Too blinded by my quick reply
to see my love is shared.

Neither unique in their cruel ways;
I practice this art too.
I’ve loved before but been ignored;
I tried and failed with you.

Their outstretched arms try pull me near;
I play them day by day.
It’s there I wait, just out of reach;
it’s easier that way.


So few and far and far and few;
our hearts are scarcely side by side.
But when they are, we can’t deny
the love that smoulders through and through.

So come and go and go and come;
your steps are but predictable.
And yet that’s what I most of all
have come to know and come to love.

So light and dark and dark and light;
these blinking eyes try see the truth.
Can my perfection live in you,
or am I still but yet to find?

So fall and fly and fly and fall
in to my arms, where you belong,
For you’re my light, like morning sun;
my darling unpredictable.


This evening whispers silent splendour,
soothes the air with warmth so tender,
lays to rest the greatest temper;
dreams of snow in late December.

Life outside is all but smothered;
people, rushing in their dozens,
driving home to see their lovers,
Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers.

This midnight hints a new beginning.
Hark now hear the angels singing,
“Bless this night and all who’re dreaming.
Bring them peace and joyous living.”

The lovers cry in celebration.
Kisses sweet as hearts embrace them.
Smiling eyes in conversation.
Love infused with sweet elation.