The changing of the guard

There is a time
when, high upon the evening sky,
the sun will set
and bring about a moonly rise,
when light retreats and bids goodnight;
the changing of the guard.

Just as the sun by day brings life,
woken by the morning’s refreshing blue light,
the moonshine ensnares the senses at night
and makes them its own.

Under cover of darkness,
but still within sight,
the moongod looms down from a monstrous height.
it tears off my armour,
rips out what’s inside;
my emotion.

Nowhere to run
and nowhere to hide.
The night is but young;
I’m tortured by time.
The dam has been breached,
I’ll drown in the tide!
But love gives me hope…

Nocturnal feelings, be my guide!
With love’s strong wings I’ll surely fly.
My heart will lie with she who cries
at the changing of the guard.

Fusion after dark

The beaming sun can’t light his face
nor bring colour to his skin.
His sooty steps, they mimic mine
but his aren’t weighted down with sin.

The steps I take are loud and hard,
but his are light and silent.
When darkness falls, he drowns within;
dissolves within the quiet.

Now he and I are one-and-the-same;
fused by the perfect dark.
But, like a knife, the morning sun
will slice us both apart.

Together we’ll walk, forever more,
till darkness settles in;
the beaming sun can’t light his face
nor bring colour to his skin.


I read the signs of love as well
as blind men read a book.
The words don’t read themselves aloud
despite how hard I look.

I cannot smell their meaning
nor feel it with my touch.
To me, love seems invisible,
an air you cannot clutch.

But when with you I know it’s true;
I find myself defenceless.
You torch the sky with love’s hot flare
and leave me gently senseless.


I grab my coat and bid farewell
to friends, the old and new.
A handshake, a kiss; I know which I’ll miss,
“Till next time! I’ll see you all soon.”

I step outside and into the face
of cool refreshing night air.
It’s clear but it bites, compared with inside;
the smoke still clings to my hair.

I join the trickle of homebound people,
their pace no quicker than mine;
theirs and my train are one and the same,
and we’re gifted with plenty of time.

I embrace the ocean of light that awaits me.
Though empty, the station’s still lit,
and there she lies, so silent yet primed;
climbing aboard, I choose where to sit.

I stare, for a moment, out through the glass
and watch as the streetlamps whizz by.
Against the cool dark, they all look like stars;
I’m a rocket, touring the sky.

I flinch in the flickering light that awaits me,
and stumble down steps in the gloom.
The path to my home, I walk it alone.
Till next time, and may it be soon.

The Act

The houselights dim, and so the buzz
of chattering jaws and all the fuss
dissolve within the silent din;
their focus on my floating grin.

The darkened house, the whitened smile,
my grin held firmly all the while,
until at last I introduce;
I love the gasp when spotlights shoot.

My tux complete with handkerchief,
the silver cufflinks tint my sleeves.
I flick my wrist and doff my hat,
and so ensues my marvellous act.

Pan for gold

I cleared my head and now my breaths
were crisp like mountain air.
The lakes, the trees, I start to dream,
and let it take me there.

I pushed myself to greater heights,
the river was my guide;
meandered to infinity,
but always by my side.

The icy-cool was welcome and
though thirst had taken hold,
a shiny silt washed round my mouth;
cupped in my hands was gold!

As quick as was discovery,
the treasure vanished fast.
But beauty had entranced my soul;
that glimmer of the past.

For years I panned through worthless silt,
but as my nights grew cold,
the beauty rose from riverbed,
and now I’m panning gold.